Thursday, May 13, 2010

Call me

You said you wanted to have the opportunity to act in a movie or a TV-commercial. Not as a real actress, but just a person passing by on the scene. So you subscribed on this website and right away you were invited to go to Bokrijk. In October, there will be a new children's series on TV, called The Fifth Bow.
The moviemakers needed some extra people to play some minor roles. You were totally excited, so today we drove all the way to Bokrijk. I must admit, it was pretty exciting to be on a real filmset. They picked you out right away. You, a woman (she had to pretend to be your mom) and a little boy (your brother in the movie) were sat down at a table. You had to talk to each other and as soon as the producer said you had to look the other way, that's what you did. They liked it!
So you moved on to the second scene. They had to do that one over about 5 times, before they got it right. You had to run out of a house with a frightened look on your face. You did great!
And urgh.. they asked me to pass by the house.. That was not planned.. but I did it.
The producer liked you, Eva. They said they would call you, whenever they needed someone. To be continued..


Upje said...

Geweldig!! Mijn leerkracht in de middelbare school deed dat ook regelmatig, en ze raadde ons allemaal aan dat ook eens te doen. Gewoon, om het meegemaakt te hebben. Niet dat ik het heb gedaan, maar kom.

Maar het is super dat Eva dat wél doet, EN dat het dan nog zo geweldig goed meevalt! :)

Bittersweet said...

Ze vond het super! En het is inderdaad een rijke ervaring om eens op een filmset te staan en te zien hoeveel geduld een mens kan hebben. Voor herhaling vatbaar :-)