Friday, May 14, 2010

A food log

When I was first diagnosed with D, I was asked to keep a food diary and a diabetes diary. I have done both for a little while, but I found the BG numbers too confronting, so I stopped doing so.
Every now and then, I make a food log, just for me. To see how I'm doing.

I have been advised to cut down on carbohydrates. It could be the only way for me to loose weight. Previously I was given the advise to have a daily intake of 220 grams of carbohydrates. That's a whole lot, compared to what I'm having now. For quite a few years, I have ignored the 220 number. I tried to figure out what my body needed or wanted, and 100 grams of carb a day, sounded reasonable. Weight doesn't come off at 100 gr though. So now I'm trying to eat between 40-80 gr a day. And I cut out bread/potatoes/pasta/rice/pastry/cookies.. Because those are the products that make my BG swing terribly. The first result of one week low(er) carb is minus 3 kg. I'm happy!

This is an example of my food diary:

breakfast: cottage cheese and red fruit (15 gr carbs), a vegetable/fruit smoothie (10 gr carbs)

lunch: a lot of vegetables and some fish - yogurt and some fruit (15 gr carbs)

snack: cheese or some other carbfree product

dinner: a lot of vegetables and some meat or fish - 3 crackers (15 gr carbs)

snack: fresh cheese or yogurt (15 gr carbs)

Some days I have more carbs, especially if I had low blood sugars. That's when I must have extra carbs to get better numbers. Those are the carbs I don't want to eat..


Scott K. Johnson said...

Way to go on the progress! It can be so hard managing carb intake, and having to suck down extra carbs for low blood sugars is really irritating.

Bittersweet said...

You know what I'm talking about Scott! I hate those binge sessions when you're experiencing a low. Knowing that you only need a small glass of regular coke, but choosing another option sucks..