Saturday, May 15, 2010

A happy chap

A good friend of mine is a superb interior designer. He's a great guy and his ideas are so unique and creative. I introduced him to another friend of mine. She and her partner have bought a large house and they didn't know where to start. She desperately wanted a different kitchen, there was painting to be done, she wanted more light inside the house. So my friend dug into this project and last night, we were invited to go see the result. Wow.. I'm so proud of "my" designer. He did such a great job! I have seen the house prior to the make-over and I must say: it is so stylish, warm and so maison du monde. She has a spic and span country style kitchen, a new wooden kitchen floor, great blinds and curtains, amazing lightening, .. It's so different and the colors are rich and welcoming. Everything matches: the stoneware dishes and aubergine wine glasses match the walls, the curly willow in the huge vase brings nature in the house. And top of the bill: my friend's partner is a great musician. He's so talented and his music is a true gift. His major dream in life was to have a pianoforte. And it's there! All black and shiny. So we were sat down to be immersed in a bath of classic piano music, while my friend was making us a delicious three course meal.

No need to tell you how happy my Alacarte designer friend was with all the praise and compliments. He's getting ready for his next project: a make over of a complete house. Looking forward to seeing the result!

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