Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laugh as much as you breathe

That's exactly what we do, when the three of us meet up. We had a great lunch today. Two wonderful and beautiful ladies joined me. There was so much to talk about. We have one mutual factor: diabetes. So conversations about D cannot be avoided. Talking about diets is not appropriate when you get together for lunch, but it's inevitable.. We're women after all, and we all want to be slim and attractive.

I love the humor of Mrs A. She's so wise and articulate. You can't do anything but listen to her stories. She's full of joy and she's so vivid! And then Miss K. She's so young, but she can rely on quite some life experience. She's pure and honest and I tend to follow her guide lines. This time, we met in Antwerp. And I can tell you: we had a great time.. It's so good to have friends you can enjoy. And I needed to laugh. It sure made me feel a whole lot better!

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