Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oops.. I did it again

Inthe, you little rascal! I thought we could trust you by now. For so many weeks, you have behaved during our absence. But this time, you lost your senses. You had a ball tearing the foam out of the couch, spreading it all over the place. By the time we got home - about 2 hours later - you knew you were in trouble. Rebba passed us and ran straight to the kitchen, as if she wanted to make a statement: IT WASN'T ME! We know it wasn't Rebba. Maybe she helped you, but she surely didn't start. I don't know how to make you understand this is totally unacceptable behaviour. So I'm afraid I'll have to put you into your bench again. That'll be the only solution I'm afraid.. You were put in time-out on the terrace. You gave me that sad puppy look, but it didn't help this time. You were kind of funny though.. sitting out there like a kangaroo. You don't sit on your bum. You sit on your hind legs and tail and your bum is lifted from the floor. I guess you don't like cold tiles. I didn't give in this time Inthe and I ignored your crying. Too bad.

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