Friday, May 7, 2010


I have never heard of a lazier breed than whippets. They sleep all day. In between naps, their ears are trained for possible food signals, like opening the cabinet where we keep the canister with dry dog food. It's hilarious to see those two whippet faces next to each other looking up, whenever they think they might get a treat.

I started feeding you rice and veggies, mixed with dry food. You go bananas when you get this meal! It fills you up better, because especially you Inthe, would eat all day. Although you look rather anorectic, you eat like a horse. I keep ordering dog food and snacks. You love bread too. You thought you would like my strawberry breakfast, but that was really not your cup of tea. So this time, my breakfast is safe. Keeping an eye on you is necessary, cute face. The other day, you finished my Asian chicken dish. And I can tell you: that was spicy!! Don't blame me. Stick to your own bowl, will you?

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