Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring cleaning

Spring is in the country. The sun is out, the birds are humming their love songs and the blossoms of the Japanese Cherry have covered the lawns in the neighborhood with a pink blanket.
The sunbeams enlighten cobwebs from one corner of the ceiling to the chandelier. Dust twirls in the air when I pat the cushions on the couch. A little voice inside my head tells me it's time to start Spring cleaning. Every now and then, I clear out my cupboards to clean the shelves and rearrange the contents of the cabinets.
Some things have to go, other items stay put. I discover objects I haven't seen in a while. I run in to old photo books. The chamois leather is gathering dust and will leave a wet mark on the counter, while I sit down to look at the old pics. Memories.. stories.. overseas trips. I wander off. The soapy water is getting cold and the contents of my cabinet is scattered over the floor. Time flies by, while I'm enjoying the smiles on the faces of our girls in their toddler period. I wink away a tear, holding a picture of my favorite grandparents. The photos may be dusty, but the remembrance is still vivid.

My nose is itching and running and I don't like the feeling of dust on my fingers. The smell of a clean house though, is very appealing and satisfying.
I would like to open all of the windows to let in a breeze. The dogs give me a dirty look, for taking away the comfy temperature they are used to. I have to keep going, to get all the work done, before Spring hands over the chores to Summer.


Upje said...

Had ik niet gelezen dat één of andere dokter ... rust had voorgeschreven?

Bittersweet said...

op je poep vooruit schuifelen over de grond is niet stappen hè. Ik denk dat ze me in een kunstmatige coma zullen moeten brengen als ze me in mijn zetel willen houden..