Friday, May 7, 2010

Ten things you could do without

Do you ever realize what a luxurious country we live in? There are so many things we never have to worry about, and still we are used to complaining so much. Happiness is not about how rich you are or how many TV's you have. There's more to life than materialism..

It's difficult for our children to understand how we could survive without a cell phone or a computer. But we did. Things were different back then. People didn't expect you to be available all the time. There were libraries to attend, friends to visit and the word Facebook had not been invented yet.

We all tend to say, we would be happy if for once, just one day, we wouldn't have to drag our mobile phone along. But is that true? Would you cope without it? Or would you go frantic?
Just out of curiosity: can you name 10 things you could do without? Let's say, for 2 weeks. What could you put away in a trunk or a cardboard box for two weeks?

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