Friday, May 21, 2010

You are very welcome

"You're very welcome, although I hate to say it.."
I hear this phrase every day, when I go visit Mr. A. He's a true delight. We discuss many different subjects. Some phrases keep coming back though. Another one of his favorites is: "You have a very pretty face, but what's with the fat body??" Whenever he starts saying this sentence, I stop him and I tell him we agreed not to say this anymore. He immediately apologizes, but the damage has already been done. It hurts. He's not supposed to say things like this. Not on purpose. I'm sure he would never have said these things 10 years ago. It's the age I guess and his medical condition.
He says he'll come visit me on a daily basis in the nursing home. I tell him that's not likely to happen, since I'm 38 and he's 92. But he persists - he says I'll be in a nursing home long before he decides to go to heaven.. Fair enough.

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