Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't walk away

Where would I go?

I had another doctor look at my ankle yesterday morning. He's a foot expert and a surgeon at the same time. He hit the sore spot right away. He could tell me there was a cyst in my ankle, that has probably been formed around a chip of bone. That chip must have come loose at the time of my fall. It's been 2 months now, since I fell in Bruges, and the pain isn't getting any better.

Today, I'm going to have some more scans taken, 3D, to make sure the chip is the cause of the pain. Next week, I'll have a bone scan as well. The doctor will discuss the results no sooner than July 1st. There's a chance I'll need to have the bone chip surgically removed. Great.. If only they can guarantee me the pain will be gone then. Because this is no fun anymore. I have a hard time stretching my foot and walking is dreadful. I hang on and I do whatever I need to do. A swollen foot in the evening is the result of my ignoring the pain. I'm afraid I will need another cast. That would really tie me to the house and I'm not a housebound girl, remember?

I'm curious to see the results of the CT scan this afternoon..

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