Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Karma Kars

We knew our friend was planning a special surprise for his upcoming birthday. We knew it was going to be something different. He asked us to stand in front of the Lancaster Hotel - where we were staying - around 6:50 PM. We were to be picked up then and there. He was pretty secretive about the plan and he wouldn't give us any hints. I knew it was not going to be a limousine that would pick us up. It had to be something unique, more personal, more him. And so it was..

Lifestyle guru Tobias Moss and his friend Kawa from Karma Kars picked us up in two unique Indian cars. The journey is more important than the arrival, is the logic behind this idea. And what a journey it was! We had the time of our life! As soon as both cars drove up the hotel parkway, we all had broad smiles on our faces! How colorful the cabs were decorated! Just awesome! Flower garlands around the cars, Indian tapestry on the inside. Kitsch pink metallic car mats, beads, Indian outfits. It was all there!

Tobias and Kawa drove us around London in their unique vehicles. Trust me, we have been noticed all right. Tobias had this special horn in his car. It made animal noises. You should have seen the look on the faces of the pretty ladies he honked at. Making people smile is a very fun way to earn money. We haven't seen one ugly look towards Tobias and his Karma Kars.

Thank you my friend, for another unique experience..

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