Monday, June 14, 2010

Keep the curves

Since we're not planning on becoming anorectic, we had another dine out along the Riverside near the Canary Wharf in London, UK. What a spectacular view, having our cocktails with a view over the Thames and the approaching boats. The weather didn't look too promising though, so we were invited to have our dinner inside this gallantly designed restaurant. All black and ivory, Gaucho Canary is a unique place and very popular. Make sure to make reservations, because the place is packed before you know it.

Gaucho Canary is just one of several Gaucho restaurants around London. Experience Argentina and let your taste buds be surprised by the freshness and the tenderness of the freshly cut pieces of beef. What a joy to have the waitress at the table, with a board full of meat, explaining you about the different cuts. Whether you are in for sirloin, ribeye, rumpsteak,.. they have it and it all looks so delicious.

We had different preferences. The ladies had a seafood platter, with a choice of raw scallops, raw tuna, raw salmon - that was a little poached because of the lemon dressing it was topped with -, raw shrimp and some crispy sourdough bread, with a side of garlic stewed spinach. All three men picked a nice piece of beef and they let us taste it. Just perfect! Sabroso!

I skipped on dessert this time, although the menu was very tempting. I had another hazelnut Latte instead.. In the corner of my eye, I could spot a rich cheese platter but hey, although we do wish to keep some curves, the fat it leaves on the hips is not that attractive..

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