Saturday, June 5, 2010

London bridge is falling down

It's about time to start packing. We're going away for a couple of days. Four days, to be more specific. This time, the Eurostar will be our transportation to London, UK. I have been looking forward to this trip for many months. And it's about to happen. Time to reload the batteries. Time to enjoy our friends. Time to have a ball in this blooming city!

We're going to see two musicals. The first one will be Phantom of the Opera. A classic, absolutely. I have seen the movie and I can hum the songs. And now I'm going to add the musical to our Musical list. I'm sure it will be fantastic! The other night is reserved for the sequel: Love never dies.. This one is totally new for all of us. Our friends have seen the Phantom over and over again, but still, they are prepared to join us to see it once more. That's what I call true friendship. Making it your goal in life to please the people you care for..

Of course there will be time to shop, to visit good restaurants, to do some sightseeing. London is so versatile and there's so much to see, that it will never be boring. And boring is a word that never crosses my mind when we go out with the gang. Words like pleasant, fun, exciting, fulfilling, satisfying, .. are more suitable. I would like to thank the leader of the gang, who has put so much effort in preparing this trip. For several months, he has roamed the Internet, to look for the best deals, the best restaurants. Trust me: it's no sinecure to fill 4 days and please every one of us. But that's exactly what our leader does. He knows what each one of us likes. He knows what we like to eat, where we like to shop, what we want to visit. And all the rest is one pleasant surprise..!! We appreciate the efforts, the energy, the ideas, the friendship. Follow the leader and Mind the gap!

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