Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love never dies..

The sequel: The Phantom and his Christine, ten years later. It took Andrew Lloyd Webber quite some time to figure out whether a sequel would be a wise idea. Since The Phantom of the Opera is still a hit and there wasn't much room for a better version. But he took the risk and despite some deserved critics, I'm glad I was there. Love never dies was worth the trip to London. How I enjoyed the voices, the decor, the costumes and the music. Webber did it again. He's a true artist.
The Adelphi Theatre is not the most comfortable theatre in London. But once you're seated and the music starts to play, you forget about it. The characters take you along on their musical journey and you swallow your tears as the story continues.

Christine Daaé and the Phantom meet again, on Coney Island this time. Christine is married to Raoul now and there is Gustave, the 10 yo son. The Phantom is still so much in love with his Christine. The tragic ending was not foreseen, but at the end of the tunnel, there was a light..

I was very moved by the story of Love never dies. Look with your heart, not with your eyes. A very important lesson in life. A very important lesson in love..

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