Monday, June 14, 2010

Say Aah

My sweet little Inthe.. Yesterday, I had to rush you to the vet's emergency room. You and Rebba were roughhousing in the backyard at grandma's, when all of a sudden, this accident happened. Rebba was chasing a ball and tried to catch it. You tried to catch that same ball. That's when Rebba accidentally took you for the ball, leaving you with a hole in your right side. Ouch.. You surely screamed in pain.. Rebba felt so guilty, even though it was nothing but an accident.
I checked out the wound and it didn't look good at all. I could see muscles and I rang the vet right away. She said she was expecting us in 15 min. So I picked you up, my little girl, put you in the car and drove you to the vet's house. You were somehow in shock and peed all over the vet's examination table. He gave you anaesthetics and antibiotics right away, cleaning out the wound at the same time. He told me to go home and let him operate on you.
I got to pick you up three hours later. You looked like a little alien, with that silver spray on your side. Five stitches and a shaved spot on your fur. You need to rest and you may not lick the wound. Neither can Rebba. I know she will try to pamper you as much as possible. She felt so lost without you, in the three hours you spent at the vet's. The two of you belong together, no doubt about that. I guess the balls will remain in the shed for a while. The vet told me you will need a little over a month to recover from your injury..

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