Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr Mom

What if men would stay home to take care of the household and the kids? For centuries, men brought home the bacon. They provided for their family by working long hours. Times have changed though. Many women have chosen their careers and refuse to stay at home any longer. They want to live a different life than the life of our grandmothers. They wish to have colleagues. They look forward to having money of their own. That money gives them joy, pride and strength. It makes them more independent.

I imagine it's not always easy for men, to have their wives go to work as well. They feel kinda lost, now that they are no longer the only breadwinner. They had to step down from their pedestal and reprogram themselves.

If both partners have outdoor jobs, some things need to be changed around the house. Someone has to take care of the children and no elves will come and do the housework. Solutions have to be found, to prevent the wife from feeling guilty over having a job. This sometimes lead to the man giving up his job or starting to work parttime. Some men even decide to be Mr Mom for a while. We're not used to that concept yet, but hey, why not? Maybe they would even be good at it. Men are good at making checklists, aren't they? I bet they could be wonderful at running the household, if it weren't for the neighbors or relatives to make fun of them. Because after all: what's wrong with being a Mr or Mrs Mom? It is more than a fulltime job and it can be as fulfilling as any other "paid" job. For now though, I'm very fine with my husband working outdoors and me being Mrs Mom..

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