Saturday, June 19, 2010


If you go to London, you definitely need an Oyster card. Let the tube transport you all around London. It's cheap, it's fast as lightening and it's everywhere. You shouldn't be too particular about hygiene and smelly armpits, but hey, a shower afterwards washes off all of the tube smells that cling to your hair and outfit.
Even with the Oyster pass, every now and then, we took a cab to drive us to our next destinations. My sprained foot was not doing very well and hopping up and down the stairs at the metro station was exhausting. Our friend was very aware of that and he knew when to trade the tube for a more luxurious way of transportation.

There's some money left on our Oyster card. I guess we'll have to go back in the near future, to improve our metro map reading capacities. Trust me: yellow line, green line,.. to me they were all the same. I'm very happy they didn't let me handle things, because we would have been on the tube all day otherwise..

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