Friday, June 11, 2010

The Phantom..

The Phantom of the Opera was the theme of our 4 day visit to London, UK. Our good friend had put many months of preparation into this trip and I can assure you: it was definitely worth the effort. I'm sure he was anxious about the outcome, but he can start breathing again: it was perfect! Notwithstanding the fact that some of us were disabled in one way or another, despite the rain showers and the sore throats, despite the fatigue: we enjoyed every minute of it..

There's so much love in our group. We enjoy each others company and try to hang out as often as we can. Although we all have busy lives, we try to set priorities to make sure that we do have time to spend together. It's not always easy to get everybody moving, but our organising talent did it again. He planned this great trip and we had the time of our life. Isn't that what matters in life? That we indulge the love of the people around us? That we make each other happy?

I'm still tired and my head is full of blogging ideas. I'd better start writing down some keywords, because this was a trip I do not wish to forget..

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