Monday, June 28, 2010

Rosemary and Thyme

I just love my herbs. The cabinet above my stove is packed with herbs. A friend of mine brought me some fresh and dried herbs from Greece, where she spent her holidays. That was so thoughtful of her. I couldn't imagine a day in the kitchen without herbs.

It's always exciting to get to know new herbs or new herb mixes. Nowadays, there are a lot of herb mills available. I like those, because you ground the herbs yourself. They add a delicious taste to your dish. Some herbs I buy in large containers, like my South-African pepper/salt mix and the red spice mix. I have to drive to Holland to get them, but that's more like a field trip than a hassle to me.

Cinnamon is still one of my favorites and so are cumin and cilantro, besides garlic-pepper and cajun mix. Ginger has entered my home not that long ago. I do prefer freshly grated ginger over dried ginger and I love to add it to my apple-carrot-celery smoothie.

The Indian cooking classes I took, got me acquainted with mustard seeds, cardamom and fenugreek. Not every day herbs in our cuisine, but it gives me a reason to cook something different.

So if you come across some herbs you think I might not have yet, do feel free to bring them for me. I'll refund the cost.

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