Saturday, June 26, 2010

A scary situation

My oldest daughter and I were having a good time with her godmother yesterday. Around 4 PM, hubby called to ask where whippet Rebba was. I told him both dogs were in the backyard? Not? No.. Inthe was there, screaming and whining, but no Rebba.. She had escaped from the backyard. No idea how she did it, but she had fled!

I pushed the panic button right away: contacted the police, animal rescue, the vet, my friends, family, neighbors. Two friends hopped into their car right away and drove to our town to look out for Rebba. She had been spotted on the highway, headed to Antwerp. Poor Rebba.. The most dangerous road she could pick.. Hubby drove around town in an attempt to find her.. He feared the worst.. He thought he would find her, run over by a car or maybe she would have caused a car accident.

And then my friend called me! She had seen her, racing on the hard shoulder of the highway. She and her companion had tried to capture her, without any result though. Rebba was frightened and tired and losing her mind.. My friend ran bare feet on the highway, yelling for Rebba. Her companion raced around as well, ignoring his painful hip.

Some time later, the police called me. They had Rebba in their van. They caught her throwing a loop over her neck. She was 6 km away from home. What a relief... She was okay. She had not caused any accidents (my friend saw smokey tires and heard harsh brakes...) and she was not injured. Her foot soles are pink again, instead of black. She's so tired and I can tell how frantic she must have been. I'm so happy she's okay. I'm so happy I had people who cared enough to rush to her rescue.. Thank you all for helping out. My two little girls are reunited..

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