Saturday, June 26, 2010

One tough cookie

The veterinarian was going to free you from your stitches, Inthe. That's when she noticed it was not a crust that was holding together your damaged skin. It was nothing but clotted old blood. She had to remove all of it and open up the wound again. Poor Inthe.. She said it was going to be painful for you, but she wanted to give it a go without sedating you. And you did so well. You had your front legs on my shoulder and your nose in my neck, while the vet was removing all of the infected icky things. She cleaned the wound and told me she was going to staple it this time. You were still doing fine, so she didn't sedate you for the stapling either. What a good girl you are, Inthe! Good grief! So now you have 5 staples instead of 5 stitches. You're kinda looking like some pirate! You're one tough cookie, sweetheart!

June has not been the best month for neither one of the whippets. Let's hope July will be a whole lot better, without accidents, without any attempted escapes..

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