Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Starting over

I'm seeing a different endocrinologist. Meaning that I'm no longer going to my previous hospital, but to a hospital nearby. It was good to meet the diabetes nurse and communicate with her about what I want and what they expect in return. This week, I'm keeping a food/diabetes log for her, to give her an idea how I cope with D.
Last year, when I had to give back my Cozmo insulin pump - the manufacturer went out of business - I had no options. I was given the Paradigm 722. A good basic pump, but that's it. It's basic. Nothing fancy, nothing special. Compare it to having a cell phone. Some cells are designed to make phonecalls and to text messages. That's fine, because after all, that's what a cell phone is meant to do. But then there are more sophisticated cell phones. They provide a camera, Internet, bluetooth.. And that's what the Combo pump is to me. A more sophisticated pump, compared to the Paradigm. So yes, I'm pretty excited my new endocrinologist is prepared to give me this new pump. The Paradigm will return to sender. Without any regrets. I did grieve when I had to hand over my first pump, the Cozmo. It had kept me alive for 3 years. This Paradigm has done the same job for almost a year, but I'm not sorry to see it go.

I guess it's time to start over. New hospital, new doctor, new diabetesteam, new pump. And later this year: a new me!

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