Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A step up

It's here!!! My new pump has arrived and I've survived the transition. It's a whole lot more sophisticated than the one I had before. That's exciting and challenging at the same time. I've been so looking forward to getting this pump and I never thought I would get it. But now, nearly one year after getting my former Paradigm 722 pump, I have traded it for the Accuchek Combo. And now let's hope my HbA1c will go down even more! I'm ready for it.

I would also like to thank my diabetes nurse from my former hospital. He always made extra time to see me and we liked to discuss pump therapy. He stood by my side and he knew things weren't going smoothly all the time. He was professional but human at the same time. He's a good man.

I have a different diabetes nurse now, in a different hospital. I hear she's very good. I have already experienced her concern and knowledge. We'll get along just fine. I'm ready to learn more about diabetes and insulin pump therapy.

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