Sunday, June 6, 2010


A date has been set: on June 23, I'm going to return my Paradigm 722 insulin pump. For almost one year, this pump has done what it was supposed to do: deliver insulin. Nothing more, nothing less. I was able to use a CGM system for 6 months and that gave me some good information. But since sensors are not refunded by the system yet, it's just way too expensive to pay for them yourself.

This is going to be my fourth insulin pump in 4 years. I have owned two Cozmos, one Paradigm 722 and the Accuchek Combo is coming up! This pump is much more sophisticated. I'm so looking forward to becoming a Combonaut. A representative of Accuchek is going to meet me at the hospital. He and the diabetes nurse are going to explain everything I need to know about this new pump. And then it's up to me! It'll take me some time to get used to it and to get to know all of its features. But I'm pretty sure I'll get acquainted with the Combo very fast. And I have quite some friends who can help me out, since they are Combonauts themselves.

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