Thursday, July 15, 2010

The hypo shake

I've had quite some hypos since the surgery. That was to be expected. We need to find a new insulin schedule and calculate the new doses. Hypos make you shake, so maybe I should try to come up with some sort of hypo shake?

I'm glad my endocrinologist gave me the chance to stay hospitalized a couple of days longer. My diabetes nurse is so clever! She gives me logic hints and she looks into my diabetes/food diary before she advises me to do so and so. I'm not the most logic person on Earth.. so I do listen to her. Sometimes I do things concerning my diabetes and she asks me for the reason behind the action. And then I don't know the answer.. I feel so silly and rebellious at times. Then I tell myself to grow up.

Do you think coming up with a hypo shake is a grown up thing to do?

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