Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a performance

After having seen an interview with Gabourey Sidibe - who plays Claireece Precious Johnson - , I couldn't wait to see the movie. It was shocking and moving at the same time. What a great performance by this young girl.. Respect, nothing but respect.. I hope her real life is a whole lot better.. This is the story:

A 16 yo black obese uneducated girl by the name of Claireece "Precious" Jones, lives with her dysfunctional family: her mother, who beats her up and abuses her both verbally and physically , and her stepfather, who got her pregnant twice. Her firstborn child Mongo (short for mongoloïd...) is being raised by her grandmother. Claireeces mom lives off welfare and has no intentions whatsoever to make a living of her own.

Being pregnant for the second time, Precious gets suspended from school. Her principal arranges an alternative school for Precious, where she will learn how to read and write, in the hope to break the circle and provide a better life for Precious and both her children.

Precious has a way of her own, to escape the devastating reality of life: she pretends to be someone else. She daydreams, and she pretends to be elsewhere while being raped by her stepfather.. (who started abusing this girl at the age of 3).

Precious does real well in her new school. She and her new teacher, Ms. Rain get along real well and she even moves in with the teacher for a while. She flees home with her newborn baby Abdul, to get herself a better life. That's how she and Abdul end up in a half-way house, where she learns to take care of herself and her child.

In the meantime, her stepfather dies of AIDS. Precious is devastated to hear that her stepdad gave her the HIV-virus. But she's determined to go through living her new life. A life she has planned for her, baby Abdul and daughter Mongo..

Keep the kleenex by the hand..

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