Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another whippet

Inthe and Rebba have a little brother... He doesn't have a name yet. He came as a total surprise to me. My friends got him for my birthday. That's really funny, because last year, we were in Sevenum, Holland, on our way to Oberhausen, when we ran into a lady with two whippets. That's where I kneeled to give the dogs a big cuddle. That's when I told my friends about my love for the breed. That's when they told me they were going to get one for my upcoming birthday. And that's when Hubby decided they couldn't get me one, since HE was going to buy one for me..

They must have remembered that and still, they know we already have two! But here he is: he's so slim and beautiful and his tan is almost silverish. He's all shiny and very quiet. I love him! He's sitting in the window sill, looking over our family room. We won't have to take him for walks. My new whippet is a wonderful statue..

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