Tuesday, August 31, 2010

As skinny as a rake

Not one of us will ever be as skinny as a rake, because we all love to eat and enjoy good food. Nothing wrong with that, right? Even better: why would we want to be skinny? We already have two whippets in the house..

Last night, we had our friends over for dinner and a good time. I enjoy cooking for them and it's always a challenge to prepare food to everyone's taste. Last night wasn't any different. There were several things to choose from. We started off with a Thai chicken soup with bean sprouts and lemon grass. That was comfort food to me.. I'm glad I can cook on my Range Cooker, because I really needed those 6 cookers. There were green beans with pancetta and mustard seeds, Bombay potatoes, Chinese noodles with mushrooms and cream, Malaysian Chicken Curry, Malaysian Coconut Shrimp, stir-fried zucchini/carrot/onions and Sesame Seed Steak Kebabs. And then we had a terrific dessert: egg yolk based liquor mousse. Very light and creamy. There weren't many leftovers and that's the way I like it! Dinner was low-carb. My blood sugars liked that very much! No spikes and not much insulin to bolus. But still a good dinner!

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