Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seems like old times

School was never a problem for me. I really liked going. I was eager enough to learn, although I never liked to study. But I was good at paying attention in the classroom, so a lot of information came through anyway.

Both our daughters are doing real well in school too. They are amongst the best in their class and they get good grades. They don't study that hard, but just like their mom, they pay attention in class. School starts again this morning. Only for half a day. It was moving to see our youngest put on her uniform again. She looks so cute in her mini skirt and blouse. She's changed so much over the last year - from a tomboy into a little lady. The oldest on the other hand, looks so grown up already. She's tall and people estimate her older than she is. Sometimes she even believes she's older than 15. But she's not.

Life is going back to normal. It will be quiet around the house. Just me and the dogs. A lot of me-time. Time to do some cleaning up. Time to cook. Time to relax. And then, by 12:30 PM there'll be more movement around here, when the oldest drops in. I'm ready to hear the stories.. It seems like old times..

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