Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeding the friendship

Keeping in touch with the friends is important. Without getting an update every now and then, you loose track of each other. It takes time and organization, but in the end it pays off, because of the energy you get from meeting up with your friends.

Some of my friends have real hectic days, busy with work and stuff. So there isn't much time for outings with them. Most of them have partners or children or both. A lot of people to reckon with. I'm so happy Hubby gives me the opportunity to keep up with my friends. I really need that contact. My friends are part of my life, part of who I am. Of course I have my hands full with my own family and kids. But the kids grow up and we grow older and one day - when the teeny fingerprints on the wallpaper will have faded - the kids will have left the house and we'll have too much spare time. Thanks to my friends, I will always have people to hang out with!

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