Monday, August 9, 2010

Fighting the extra pounds

A couple of friends are looking into following a diet written by Dr Frank, a Dutchman. It's nothing controversial, but it's definitely healthier than Atkins's diet. Dr Frank suggests a low-carb/high protein diet (no more than 30 grams of carbs per day). Lean protein, not the fatter products. No legumes and just every once in a while a piece of fruit. Having more protein means you will not loose your muscles and your tummy will not starve on this diet. Because the protein gives you a fuller feeling and it stays that way for a longer time. You won't go hungry on this type of diet.

The diet itself is pretty good and there are many good recipes to experiment with. The only thing I question, is that your body is deprived from whole carb products that are good for you. Diabetics are not even supposed to live up to this diet, because the high protein content could damage their kidneys. Then how come that's not the case for non-diabetics?

If you are a true carbohydrate lover (speaking bread/potatoes/pasta/rice/fruit/crisps/chips/legumes/cake and cookies..) this will probably not be the best diet for you. It's supposed to be a new lifestyle, not a life behind bars. I never minded having a juicy steak with a salad and skip on the chips. Or a nice piece of grilled fish with roasted red peppers without the rice. The thing is, we do need our carbs. At least 60 grams per day. Because our brain needs those carbs to function well. And let me assure you: 60 grams of carbs is still a whole lot less than what most people are having. I believe that the majority lives on a diet of > 300 grams of carbs per day! So maybe a diet between 60 - 120 grams of carbs might work as well?

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