Friday, August 6, 2010

Foreign cuisine

My bookshelves are packed with cook books. I guess I like to collect them and quite often, I look for new recipes to experiment with. Whenever we go overseas, I like to buy a cook book from the countries we visit. It's great fun to try to imitate the dishes you had whilst on vacation. Moroccan Pastilla for instance. The children absolutely love this dish. It's a savory tart, made of phyllo pastry and filled with shredded chicken and blanched almonds. The combination of spices like cinnamon, saffron and coriander give it that typical Moroccan taste. It's an easy to make dish and it's so delicious. I've made it for the in-laws some time ago, and the Pastilla was gone in a flash. That speaks for itself, I guess..

Our youngest likes Japanese food. We have made sushi before, but we are not by far handy as Japanese cooks. Those are true artists, shaping their sushi and sashimi like they've never done anything else. Asia is not particularly a place I would like to visit though. But lunch at a Japanese sushi bar does sound appealing to me. If it weren't for the extremely high carb content of the sushi..

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