Friday, August 6, 2010

Ciao Bella!

Some people are so not romantic.. We had a great time watching the movie "Letters to Juliet". It was just so romantic.. The girls loved it! I wonder what kind of man they will encounter to share their life with. The oldest daughter is pretty fond of the Southern type: dark hair, dark eyes, tanned skin. I'm not sure yet what type the youngest fancies. But both of them would love to have a partner who respects them and who they can have fun with. I could imagine our first born with an Italian man. That would definitely be her piece of cake. After all, Italians are romantics, they are not cold as fish. They may be a little too romantic, if you know what I mean.

Although Romeo and Juliet was not written by an Italian writer, it's still a great love story. If Shakespeare had been Italian, his name would have sounded more like Williamo Shakespirelli I guess!

After having seen the movie, both girls want to make a summer trip to Italy. They want to see the wall in Verona, where loved ones post letters to be answered by the secretaries of Juliet. They would like to rent an Italian car and visit several Italian cities. Sounds interesting, to say the least. You never know.. they might run into a Lorenzo, Pablo or Davide.. and loose their heart in Italy.

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