Monday, August 16, 2010

A luscious lady

Nigella Lawson is a pretty special lady. Raising her children by herself, after her beloved husband died, she's doing a really good job. She's so sophisticated and refined and still, she gives you that comfortable feeling that she could become your new best friend..
Have you seen her figure?? She's a walking hour glass and it suits her real well. She's so feminine and proud of her curves. Do you think she would have complexes as well about her body like everybody else?

I love to watch her shows and her way of cooking. Her food is everything one could hope for, and more. The sizzling of olive oil in a steaming hot pan, I can almost smell whatever she's preparing. Her recipes are so easy, tasty and honest, that you wish you could stop by, have a seat at her table and dig in. She gives you the feeling she wouldn't mind you paying her a visit. She's the proof that good food doesn't have to be that fancy. Good ingredients, some inspiration and enthusiasm will take you where you need to be: experimenting in your kitchen!

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