Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quality time

Hubby is taking the girls and his godson to an amusement park today. The little guy was really looking forward to that. Looking at the several rollercoasters on the website of the park, he was daring his godfather to try out the most scary rides! He knows his godfather is afraid of heights and he believes that's just ridiculous. I'm curious.. maybe neither one will do all the rides..

I'm sure they'll have a blast! I'm staying at home. A full day in an amusement park and the shaking back and forth on the rides is not really the best thing to do after surgery, is it? My day will come.. The plan was to pay my mother-in-law a visit. But last night, my friend let me know they had returned from Poland, unexpectedly! I'm so happy she's home again! So sorry grandma, I'll go see my friend today!

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