Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The perfect manicure

Your nails are way too long. You do run quite a bit and you take walks on the sidewalk, so I don't understand how your nails can grow that fast in such a short time. I'm taking you to the vet this afternoon, to have them clipped again. You hate it when they clip your nails. I can't do it myself, because you are just so terrified! The Dutch dog parents who took care of you for over more than a year, are very good at clipping your nails. They are used to it, since they have so many whippets and Italian greyhounds. I bought the nail clipper - in fact I bought several - but none of them does the job. Your nails are really hard and I'm afraid to hurt you..

I just told you about your appointment with the vet and you are shaking all over. Sweet Rebba girl.. don't be so afraid. You'll look much better with short nails and they won't bother you anymore.

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