Monday, August 23, 2010


We named him Ratatouille, after the rat from the Ratatouille movie. With the only difference that ours is not cute and he doesn't cook.

He's still sitting there, in his private place behind the kitchen cabinets. Every now and then, a little dropping comes down. That's the proof Ratatouille is present. I want him out of here! Right now! I'm afraid to use my Lattissima, because it's sitting way too close to his shelter. I hope he will eat all of the poison and die, so he won't get killed in the trap. Just imagine him being caught in the trap without being dead??? He will scream, that's for sure, and I'm not prepared for that noise! And who will kill him if he's in the trap but not dead? Not me!!!

Let's hope Ratatouille decides this place is not as exciting as he thought it would be. He may have thought this house was rated 5 stars, but hey, he's wrong! No more food, no more drinks. No more All Inclusive! Move out!

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