Monday, August 23, 2010

There's a rat in the kitchen what am I gonna do?

There's a rat in the kitchen
This song crossed my mind instantly, when I saw this awful brown creature behind my Delonghi Lattissima!! AAaarrrgghhh!!!!

Last night, I was getting ready to go to bed, putting my empty glass on the counter top. That's when I saw this creepy creature crawl behind my coffee maker! SCREAM!!! Both whippets and tomcat were laying on the couch, dreaming their dreams. They didn't come to the rescue. That fat rodent really freaked me out! I ran upstairs to get Hubby. Not that he's a big fan of rats or mice.. With a broom in one hand and a blanket in the other, he was convinced he could catch the ugly beast. Good grief! It must have heard my heart pound! I took my camera to take its picture. It was looking right into the lens. Hubby ran off as soon as he spotted the rat. The only thing he could say was: that is definitely not a mouse! that thing is huge!!!!! Without exaggerating, it must have been 30 cm without the naked tail (that must have been around 15 cm I guess). Its little black eyes were staring at me as it was sitting down, stretched out, pointed ears in the neck and ready to attack!

Hubby threw the blanket over the beast - that's what he does when he needs to catch one of our chickens - but it didn't stay put, on the contrary. It ran up the back splash, into a little hole, back to its shelter behind my kitchen cabinets! Shoot! So now it's sitting up there again. I can't believe it has lived here for more than a couple of days, since we haven't found any droppings or urine stains. The back door is always open, so the whippets can go in and out whenever they want. Now I know who eats the cat food at night.. not Arthur..

This is not a job for Lisa Williams. I'd better call Animal Pest Control!

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