Friday, August 20, 2010

You can reach me

The girls didn't join us on our trip to Germany. Both of them stayed home with the pets. This was mommy and daddy's time. They don't mind, since we take them along quite often. They have travelled along to many different countries: the US, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Tenerife,.. So every now and then, we go abroad without the kids and they have some parent free days. They know how to reach us and they have no problem cooking their own meals. They know we always bring them treats: shiny earrings, some cool T-shirts or whatever they fancy at the time. They are happy with whatever we bring them.

Of course I missed them, what did you think? It's great to take the kids abroad, but every now and then, I need some grown up time with the friends, without the children. After all, they are no toddlers any more and they no longer need a nanny. I'm sure they will be happy to see us come home and I'll cuddle them way too long. And then things will go back to normal. Just like it's always been..

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