Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Days of Our Lives

Our oldest daughter is hooked on this TV show: The days of our lives.. really. She records every episode and then she watches 5 in a row. In the meantime, she and her friend discuss whatever has happened and fantasize about what might happen in the future. Every now and then, I peek from my MacBook to see what thrilling story they have to tell. And I must say: their lives are so exciting, so extravagant, so... unreal. And most of all: so not me..

But hey.. in my teens, there were other but similar series to watch. Think Sons & Daughters, The Bold and the Beautiful (it's still on TV..), Dallas, Dynasty.. I do believe The Days of Our Lives beats them all. The characters all seem to live in the same block on the same street. They are just about everywhere at all times. They are very good eavesdroppers! There's always someone on the look-out, spying for Jack or Joe. It's so exciting it becomes ridiculous. It is so predictable too! On Monday, you know what's going to happen, but they won't reveal until Friday. If you're lucky, because sometimes they let you sit in agony for a little longer.

I wonder what story they would come up with, if they would film our Days of Our Lives..

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