Monday, September 13, 2010

Emergency call

Your daddy and I were out shopping. I heard my cell phone ring in the store, but I didn't feel like answering it at that time. On our way to the car - we wanted to get a cup of coffee some place - daddy got a phone call as well. So I decided to check my cell at the same time. Unknown number? hmhm.. I dialled my voicemail. It was your principal (your dad was talking to her while I was listening to the message). She had to rush you into ER. Apparently a wasp had stung you.. in your tongue! How on earth could that happen?? Oh sweetie! That must have hurt terribly! Your tongue was all swollen and the principal didn't want to take any chances. I'm glad she took you to the ER. They gave you some pain relief and antihistamine. She said you were fine and you were going to stay in school. She wanted to warn us though. It was possible that we needed another visit to the doctor this evening. You never know how people respond to wasp stings..

Around lunch time, you were having your jelly sandwich. You were enjoying your last bite, and that's when something crunchy startled you. All of a sudden, the sandwich tasted bitter and you spit it out, to discover a wasp! You probably bit its head of..

I'm glad to have my Boîte à Bobos. It has antihistamine and pain killers as well. Maybe we'll need them tonight.

I got you some edible paper, host type. They are printed tattoos. Maybe you can put one on the sting. I'm sorry sweetie. It's not funny. Not at all. Really.. hihi..

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