Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's now or never

You're 13 and a half now. I've been driving you to Bruges every Monday and I was there every Friday to pick you up. It's not always that easy to come get you. Sometimes your daddy and I are not home when we are supposed to pick you up. So this week, I suggested you could take the bus every once in a while. You weren't too sure about that. You said it's kinda silly to drag along a suitcase on a bus.. You said everyone would look at you. But I know you're just afraid. You've never taken the bus all by yourself. That's why I suggested me and my friend could come to Bruges, as we often do, but this time we could take the bus. After school, the three of us could walk to the bus stop and take the ride home. That made you more at ease I guess.

You must have thought it over. Later that night, you had spoken to your school friends. Some of them have taken the bus from day one. They told you it's no big deal. You would have to catch a bus near your school. It would take you to bus station. There, another bus would be waiting to take you directly to Eeklo. No stops in between. We could then pick you up at the bus station in Eeklo. Fair enough? We'll give it a try, okay? How about this Friday?

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