Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I've seen that face before

One day, I was in adult school, freshening up my knowledge of the French language. The face of my teacher looked real familiar, but I couldn't tell where I had seen that face before. The way she talked, the gentle way of interfering with people, it all felt real familiar to me. Then she told me where she came from. I remembered then.. She was a trainee when I was in highschool. She was studying to become a French teacher. She came to our class for a couple of weeks, to teach us French. Even then I liked her. So many years later, different location, but we met again. In the meantime, she's become a very good friend of mine. She's no longer a French teacher and I'm no longer her student, but we meet up every once in a while and then we talk about life. It's natural. It's good. I like our friendship.

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