Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking for a new family

On Facebook, I came across this organization that immediately drew my attention. Whippet Rescue Ireland is on a mission. They help abused, abandoned and neglected whippets throughout Ireland. We all heard about organizations helping Spanish Galgos and Greyhounds, but this particular organization is on the lookout for whippets in trouble. They aim to place all of the needy whippets in a warm and loving foster home, where they are loved and being cared for until a permanent home is found.

The whippets come into the care for various reasons. Sometimes their owner is moving or is no longer capable of taking care of his whippet. Other whippets are strays and some are severely neglected. But please help these people find good homes for these unique and special dogs. They receive no funding and they solely depend on donations from people out there, who have a heart for whippets.

Rescuing and rehoming whippets is what this organization does. Feel free to donate via their website. The money will be used to feed the dogs, make sure they are healthy and taken care off, before they go stay with their new families. As you all know, we have two whippets in our household. They are like children to us. We love them deeply and I can assure you: these two have brought so much love in our house!

So if you know someone who is willing to adopt a whippet or you have a whippet yourself you can no longer take care off due to circumstances, don't hesitate to contact Whippet Rescue Ireland. Those people have their hearts in the right place. They deserve all the help they can get..

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