Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just between you and me

Sweetie Pie
Photo taken by Eva Joos

Hey you gorgeous.. Where has my little girl gone? Thirteen years ago, you were so tiny and vulnerable. Totally depending on your mommy and daddy to feed you and to hold you. And look at you now.. You are so.. mature.. Since you started high school, you have changed dramatically. Not in a bad way, certainly not. You and your sister are both in high school now and that has changed our family. We have no more children! The two of you are true teenagers and perfectly capable of taking care of yourselves - up to a certain point of course.
You like your independence. You can handle responsibility, so we give you that opportunity to grow. Having your own bank account meant a lot to you. You save your allowance and you know how to wire money. That's good! I'm pretty sure you'll do real well in the future. You're a bright girl. I'm proud of you xx

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