Saturday, September 4, 2010

I think I do..

Do you love me? 
After 25 years, you ask me that question: do you love me? 
I know we've been together for 25 years, but still: do you love me?
I think I do..

My sister-in-law and her husband met 25 years ago and ever since, they have been a happy couple. Not that obvious nowadays, but they still get along real well. They love each other and even more so: they are still madly in love. Isn't that special? I think it is..

They organised a party tonight and invited their family, friends, colleagues from work. Even the children could come along. We had a great time. The theme of the night was Egypt, since both of them love Egypt. They have visited the country so many times now, they could be residents. The dresscode was Egyptian of course. Many guests had rented special outfits and it was great to see they did. It's always fun to have a theme at a party. There were Egyptian decorations all over the place. 

Top of the bill was the surprise act my brother-in-law had booked for his wife. A very pretty belly dancer came to perform her act. She was not only a belly dancer, if you know what I mean. Many male hearts must have pounded. I'm sure we would have heard the pulsation if they had turned the music down.

It was a great party. It's good to see that - even after 25 years - people can still love one another and care enough for each other to remain a terrific couple.

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