Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So how are we doing?

I was released from the hospital right after lunch... well.. if a little cup of pudding can be called lunch. The sight of my real lunch (spinach, mashed potatoes and fish with a sticky sauce full of clumps) made me gag. I couldn't throw up, but I was real close.

The operation went well. Three out of the 5 previous keyholes were used again, and they made one extra in my belly button. The keyhole needed to remove my gallbladder was just a little too small, so they needed to stretch it a little. It's very sensitive now..
The ultrasound didn't show any gallstones, just sludge. But there was actually one stone in my gallbladder and some grit in the bile ducts. I hope they got it all out. I hear diabetics are more susceptible to having gallstones.

I have no stitches this time and no threads to be removed. I'm happy!

I'm not feeling too well. I'm sore and I feel nauseous. I can't even think of food, without feeling sick. So I guess I'll spend some more days on the couch. The whippets will keep me company..

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