Friday, September 24, 2010

A thin line between love and hate

So many women are in a never ending battle with their scale. It's a constant struggle against the numbers they're facing. That is one of the rare occasions I'd rather be a man, because men don't care that much (at least not the majority of men). I have never heard of a man standing on the scale right after he comes out of bed. Going to the bathroom and getting on that scale again, dreading to see the same disappointing number. Thinking about whether he should have breakfast or not. Having to make a choice between Latte Macchiato (do men drink Latte Macchiato?) or Cafe Lungo. Finally preparing himself a bowl of cereal and pouring half of it back into the cardboard box. Changing clothes (again) because the bulging is not a sight to share with the colleagues at work.

The overall unhappy feeling the scale gives us, women, is sad. Whether women have the perfect figure - in the eyes of their jealous bigger friends - or not, they will never be totally happy about their weight. It's the stupid number that freaks us out. Nobody wants a size 16! We would all like a size 6, right? Why can't we just be happy with our female figure? We're not boys, so why do we aspire to look like one? Women have curves. In the right places. They have bums and boops and bellies. Nothing wrong with that! It's just up to us women, to start realizing that and to become content with the body shape we have. I'm going back to the kitchen now, to finish my half a bowl of cereal..

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