Monday, October 4, 2010


You know the type: straightened and bleached hair, catlike eyes, high cheekbones, fat lips (that's the only fatty part on their body), glamsmile, bronzed tan, big boops, small waistline, tiny bum, legs that never seem to end, manicured (toe) nails. Shortly: bombshells..
I don't know the percentage of fake body parts, but bombshells are pretty excited about Botox and plastic surgery (gone wrong or not). Looking at the fat lips, gives me that crazy idea that someone must have hit them in the face with a baseball bat. Sorry! but that's just the way it looks okay? I can't grasp why those women think their deformed lips would seem attractive?? Come on! Really! Do they honestly believe that's a pretty sight? or is it because I'm female and not attracted to women? I don't know..

One of Tom Jones's favorites was Sexbomb. I think bombshell is a little more subtle, although it's all the same in the end, right? Because, really, why would women transform themselves into bombshells? Exactly..

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