Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't worry..

Don't worry about people from your past. There's a reason they will not belong to your future. There's a time for everything. Don't regret any encounter, not even those from your past. We meet people for a reason. Every person we meet teaches us things in life, whether they are beneficial to us or not. There are always lessons to learn. There's no use crying over it. We all need to experience different encounters before we learn our lesson. And if this one person couldn't teach us all we needed to know, there will surely be another to continue where the first one left of.

Some people believe they need to teach you something the hard way. To some that may work, but we all require a different approach. What works for you, doesn't necessarily work for me. If you see that your teaching method isn't working, it would be good to listen to your student and reconsider another method. After all, the goal is to teach the other a lesson in life, right? There's absolutely no need to be rude or aggressive towards the other. Humiliating or punishing the other for not understanding the lesson is just not done. Maybe you're not a good teacher.. Don't always blame it on the student..

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